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Updated: Oct 25, 2020

What fun is a fire pit? The kids love the marshmallow thing and in winter the adults don't mind mulled wine around it. The problem with our fire pit at our 30 year old beach house was that it was sort of makeshift, was a constant puddle after rain, the benches wobbled and all in all - it was time. More - do it on a budget! The budget, the budget, the budget .............

The before - not pretty!

The Edge - start with an edge (hardwood) to define the area and make mowing easy - the grass never grew here as it is under a tree.

The Puddle - fill with pebbles - river pebbles were the cheapest and they will be covered with leaves eventually - that's OK.

Pots - lightweight and the cheapest I could find at THE large hardware store. Filled with extra good potting soil enriched with vermiculite, peat and blood and bone.

Plants - hardy succulents relocated from another area

Benches - hand built by Mr. D.I.Y - simple and sturdy

Last image below is not pretty - the before! Click on image to enlarge


Promotes togetherness, sharing, security and comfort on cold night while the firepit is alight with a few friends and kids around it - and there is reason number one.

An inviting, calming asset to a home. Fire in the outdoors is inately calming and a stillness descends when we watch the flickering flames.

Easy to make or buy - a firepit of some sort will always find a place even in the smallest of spots - on the patio, in the backyard or in the courtyard. Consumers have a multitude of choices from the subtle to the flamboyant.

Useful - if the firepit is woodburning, it is a great place to cook. There are the classics - hot dogs, marshmallows, and shish-kababs. But cooking can become more creative pop foile wrapped potatoes in the fire

A caution - the cheaper the fire container - probably the shorter life. We have had the bottom drop out of an earlier one.

CAUTION - watch the younger ones - they love playing with fire. Watch out for fire danger and be aware of outdoor fire bans in some seasonal times.


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