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Can you hear me?

LOVE plugging in my earpiece and remote!!I !!

I LOVE plugging in my earpiece and remote!!!! Hint: At present, I am finding my cochlear ear gets sore - complicated by the fact I wear glasses. I have taken to use the compact battery as the other is a tad heavy. It will just last a full day and have taken to carrying the other battery in my handbag. Will be getting more batteries. It seems to be helping and am hoping this will improve over time. HOMEWORK: Determined to do my homework I am ploughing a way through the various references I have been given. 

Click on the title to go to website. "Angel Sound" Particularly useful and lots of various exercises. American accent "English Listening" - Trying this morning as I am searching for British English accents as many of the references use American English accents. Choice of International, British and American accents. In this first week I could only use the slowest speed and then not all was clear. Time will tell. "Focus English  -OK but again - an American accent. "Learn English"  This one is with an Australian speaking. It will be useful and offers a range of situations. Remember - this is actually for learning English not primarily for the hearing

RESULT OF MAPPING at one week after "switch on": FAB - lots of tweaking and particularly pleased that a lot of the "background" noises which were hugely loud and disturbing - like even crinkling paper in my hands - have been now muted to a degree and much better. I could "get" 90% on my testing results - were we pleased!!!!!! Thrilled actually. Long way to go though. EXPERIMENT - We actually compared the cochlear automatic mapping programme with the manual approach. For "moi", the manual approach gave much better results - but this may not apply to all recipients.  Mapping with the automatic programme. All for now - love, Jules XXX


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