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KIPFLER POTATOES - grow in your urban yard

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

I just love this wee potato, full of flavour! The Kipfler potato has a narrow, elongated, finger-like shape. Their thin, waxy skin is tan to dusty yellow in color, often spotted with a few shallow eyes. Its internal flesh is smooth with a golden yellow hue. When cooked, Kipfler potatoes offer a nutty and buttery taste with a creamy texture. I don't peel them - just scrub and they are perfecto!

Grown in the backyard in Sydney, Australia. Planted in October.

Fertilised and enriched the soil with blood and bone and cow manure.

Dug trenches, planted the seed potatoes (some large ones cut into pieces - each with an "eye") and covered with soil.

Hilled up the potatoes as they grew with lucerne mulch - I don't think this made any difference to the harvest in my case.

Waited until the plants died down and then dug for TREASURE. Found treasure and in some cases I dug too early and the potatoes were tiny - but still OK - the "could not wait" syndrome. When the plants look rather dead - that's when you find the treasure.

Fab for potato salad, baked, or boiled with butter and coated with a touch of garlic and butter. SECRET RECIPE - learned a trick - slice the potatoes lengthwise and set on an oiled tray (a bit more oil than a spray) and preheat the oiled tray in the oven for about 10 mins at 200C. Place in the potatoes and bake - times vary so watch them. Rice bran oil is really good for crispiness. You get CRISP potatoes.

The hard part is finding the seed potatoes so watch the nurseries and look on line. Spring is best.

Next I will be planting the seed potatoes in Spring in a grow bag as we have now downsized Limited outdoor space means readapting the gardening - nice new world. A word of caution here. Using piled up car tyres was once quite common. It now seems that these can leach heavy metals into the soil.


This is how I will be planting Kipflers.

1. Will need a warm space with sunlight.

2. Wait until Spring

3. Allow the potatoes to sprout before planting to give them a head start (called "chitting"). The potatoes will be placed in a seed tray or boc and left in a warm spot for about 4 weeks.

4. After sprouting, the potatoes will be cut into chunks or planted whole.

5. Fold down the bag to about 10cm cuff and put in about 10cm deep soil. Spread about 8cm of soil over the potatoes and water. Place the eyes of the potatoes facing upwards. As the plants grow, gently cover the shoots with more compost until the level is just below the top of the bag or planter. Spread about 8cm of soil over the potatoes and water. DO NOT OVERWATER.


Growing potatoes in a pot - Yates. Talks about soil and fertilisers

7 Tips for Growing Perfect Potatoes. Talks about alternative places (pots, wooden DIY's etc) to grow potatoes.


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