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Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Surrounded by health and fitness - accidentally.

Lights flash - well twinkle in this brain - my new photographic project - exercise!!!! It's everywhere - lycra on bikes flashes past, the parks are full of muscles in various forms, the runners knock each over on the footpath - yep - lots there!

Today, the Art Gallery of New South Wales was my target to re-invigorate the photography passion which has been hibernating. A print exhibition of "New Matter" - edgy it was, so edgy I fell off and sought fresh air. Outside the Gallery was a trainer with his small herd of wannabee fitness freaks boxing. Then came the runners. Then the guy across the road did his stretches over the footpath and so it continued. It was all staring at me in the face.

Lesson 1: Get out there! Otherwise not a lot will happen.

Lesson 2: Take the camera with you.

Watch this space for additions to the Exercise Photographic Project - for about 2 years! Meanwhile - enjoy these 12 images.


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