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"THE BIG DIG" - hidden history in The Rocks, Sydney


A whole Community! Now for some history ........

Archaeology at its best. It remains one of the largest urban archaeological excavations in Australia. The team uncovered the foundations of over 30 homes and shops, the earliest built in around 1795, and over 750,000 artefacts. Covering two and a half city blocks, a dedicated team of 20 archaeologists, assisted by over 400 volunteers, worked on what was known as ‘The Big Dig’. The site provides a rare insight into early urban life in Sydney.

110 Cumberland Street The Rocks, Sydney.

The “Big Dig” and WOW was it big! The Big Dig site, between Cumberland and Gloucester Streets in the Rocks is an area of land containing archaeological remains from the late 18th century, the time of Australia’s first European settlement. Lots of information below and better still a SBS On Demand Documentary available to view until April 2021. On your TV on SBS on Demand it is called “Archaeology of the Big Dig” and I watched it on my PC at:https://www.sbs.com.au/.../172.../archaeology-at-the-big-dig (Sorry about the ad at the beginning). You can also go and visit and see part of the preserved excavation. Archaeological excavations began in 1994 and attracted enormous media and public attention.

“The Dirt on The Rocks” is good reading. http://thedirton.therocks.com/.../cumberland-street... as is https://arthurphillipchapter.weebly.com/the-big-dig-the... The Dig Site has strong historic association and provides physical evidence of nineteenth-century events, processes and people. Through this association and the extraordinary level of public involvement and participation in the 1994 excavation, the site has high social and public value as a 'historic site' Much information available on Google – “The Big Dig”, “Cumberland Street Archaeological Excavation”

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